Turn Off Your Infertility Switch And Get Pregnant

It is possible to cure infertility and get pregnant even if you've been trying for more than 10 years to get pregnant!


An open letter to any woman who wants to get pregnant in the next 12 months. From: Midwife Hannah Bajor C.N.M, M.S.N

Dear Future Mom,

 Trying ... and failing... to have a baby is the worst feeling in the world. I know firsthand. Nobody wanted to have a baby more than me. At least it felt that way.

 We were doing everything right We were having sex at the right time of the month. We knew the right positions to get pregnant. I'd investigated all the best foods & vitamins to eat and I was doing everything the experts recommended.

 But each month, even though I was sure that it was going to happen, each month like clockwork I'd get my period and be devastated. I hated to go to baby showers. They'd just remind me I wasn't pregnant and I couldn't be happy for them. Instead, I just wanted to cry because it broke my heart how much I felt I deserved to be a mom.  Some days I felt like every single one of my girlfriends was pregnant except for me.

 And then there were all the well meaning people who told me things like "It will happen when the time's right." Yeah, right. Like they understood what I was going through. For every month that passed, I felt like more of a failure. Not only within myself, but to my wonderful husband John. Worse than that, I felt "unwomanly" and there was nothing I could do about it.

Midwife Hannah Bajor's Story!

But it was only after trying for 12 long years without success that the REAL bombshell hit...

 It was 2001 and I'd been working as a midwife in a big clinic in New Jersey for 15 years already. I literally spent all my time caring for pregnant women and advising women who wanted to become pregnant. For 12 years we'd been trying no avail. Nothing worked and I even started to grow worried that there was something wrong. The doctors couldn't find anything whatsoever wrong with my reproductive system. Nor John's.

It was about that time my employer changed health plans and "traditional" infertility treatment become available to us at minimal cost. So we decided to give it a shot. And it was then that the real disaster struck. After just a few short months, on one rainy Tuesday at 3:22pm, we were called into the Doctor's office and he informed us that I was being removed from the program because they had discovered I had premature ovarian failure.

 I'd run out of eggs!

I'd just been diagnosed infertile...

At that moment, I realized I had a choice. I could accept that horrible diagnosis and what it meant for me -- that I was never going to realize my dream of becoming a mom... OR... I could take my life back into my own hands and find a solution. And that's exactly what I did.

 I fell back on my extensive medical training and locked myself away in full time research for a full 12 months. I interviewed all the fertility experts I could find and actually became an infertility expert in my own right. I came up with dozens of ideas and theories for how to "cure" infertility. And then I become my own human guinea pig. To read my full personal getting pregnant journey, download my FREE ebook here.

My first discovery: There are specific vitamins & minerals you can take that really work to get you pregnant!

 I spent 12 months in intense research, interviewing dozens of fertility experts and I discovered that supplementation with the right vitamins & minerals in the right quantities acts as a super effective fertility-accelerating "fertilizer" in 4 vital areas by:
Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula®

rejuvenating and "oiling" your reproductive machine so it's in tip-top condition

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improving the quality of your eggs

Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula®

enhancing blood flow and thickening the lining of your uterus to make it so much easier for fertilized eggs implant and grow

Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula®

balancing and synchronizing your brain hormones, your thyroid hormone, and your ovarian hormones so that your body is in the right "state" to accept and nourish a child.

While testing different combinations of fertility vitamins and minerals), I literally stumbled onto the perfect recipe that (along with discoveries 2, 3, 4) made it possible to get pregnant with not one but TWO amazing boys, even AFTER being diagnosed infertile by the experts. No need for expensive fertility drugs and unaffordable treatment. Everything you should be taking is readily available and inexpensive.

My second discovery: There are literally dozens of things you're doing on a DAILY BASIS that are stopping you from getting pregnant

 As a certified & licensed midwife and nurse over the past 30 years, I've cared for thousands of women who want to get pregnant and I've proven that there's a "laundry list" of simple things that almost every couple is doing on a daily basis that are literally sabotaging their chances to get pregnant. I'm going to blow the lid on all the myths and tell you the truth:

I'll give you my complete list of nature's best "fertility foods", PLUS tell you the "danger" foods -- those you must to avoid like the plague that can actually damage your fertility and stop you getting pregnant.

 I'll go through the dozens and dozens of tweaks & easy changes you should be making immediately to your lifestyle that can affect your fertility positively.

Discovery #3 Most women don't know to listen to what their body is telling them making it much harder to get pregnant.

 I'll teach you how to listen to and interpret what your body is telling you about its fertility, and give it what it needs... so you can rejuvenate your body and reproductive system in such a way that you're actually encouraging your body to get pregnant

It's important to understand that each choice you make builds on the last, amplifying the effect on your fertility -- whether positive or negative -- for you both.

Introducing The "LumaLove Getting Pregnant Formula"

 It's my mission in life to show women just like you how to get pregnant fast, skipping years of frustration by giving you only the right things to focus on in order to change your life.

I've taken the most important discoveries I've made in my 30 years career as a midwife helping couples get pregnant, and put them all into a program. This program has worked for me, giving me 2 "miracle" babies (even after being diagnosed infertile by the experts). It has ALSO worked for many of my clients.

The Lumalove Getting Pregnant Formula shows you what vitamins you should take to get pregnent.